Why Your Online Business Must Have a Newsletter

Are you looking for more customers, traffic or profits? Newsletters can increase the profitability of your online business as well as brick and mortar businesses.

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is basically a email that you deliver to your customers on an ongoing basis. The main thing that makes it a newsletter, and not just an occasional email, is the fact that they follow a predetermined format.

This format usually includes articles or teasers, as well links to articles found on the company website. Advertising may also be included if the affiliate marketer is involved or if advertising represents a major money maker. Promotions, coupons, discount codes and upcoming offers may also be includeddubious analogies.

The bulk of your newsletter (around 80%) will be information about the industry or niche you are in. Your newsletter’s aim is to bring value.

How can a newsletter make you money?

As we mentioned, you can sell advertising spaces in your newsletter. This is one way to make extra money. However, the most important benefit a newsletter gives to any company is front-of mind awareness.

Let’s face, we all forget things fairly quickly. A newsletter can help you and your prospects recall you. It is essential because customers will think of you whenever they have any need.

A newsletter is an easy way to motivate customers to purchase. Let’s imagine you sell information regarding yoga. You may have a biweekly newsletter that you send to your subscriber list. This newsletter could contain a weekly yoga pose, a healthy recipe, or a motivational message. Very short and sweet. You could also promote your informational product on how you can choose the type of yoga that is right for YOU.

Once they become familiar with you and your newsletter, they trust you. They now trust you enough to make a purchase.

Finally, newsletters can increase your exposure. Are you open to sharing information you find online with others? Most people have shared images and videos online. It is possible that you have shared articles and even recipes. It’s simple to share newsletters – simply forward them on to a friend. Once your newsletter has been sent, another prospect will be exposed to your company.

Newsletters are easy and quick to put together

It’s the fact that newsletters are easy to put together that make them a powerful tool for business development. There are many companies that offer newsletter administration. This means that people can subscribe to or unsubscribe to your newsletter automatically. These same services typically offer a range of customizable newsletter template options. This allows you upload your logo or header to personalize your newsletter.

A newsletter, like the one that we created for the Yoga website, can take as little as an hour to produce. You could also hire an assistant to do the job.

A newsletter is the best marketing tool to find great ROI. They increase awareness, exposure and the potential to make a profit. Make sure to start planning your company newsletter.