How To Send Bulk Emails Without Getting Blacklisted

Now-a-days, with the email service providers increasing their algorithms to improve user experience and keep spam at bay, it has become very difficult to reach users’ inbox folder rather than in spam folder.This thing is a real challenge for email marketers and commercial businesses. Although they are getting smarter in dealing with these challenges, there are quite a few workarounds that you can apply instead of using non-conventional techniques.It is always a good idea to draft your email which is considered as just another normal email than a spam mail. There are a certain guidelines you can follow by which your bulk emails will not be considered as spam by email service providers.These techniques and ideas come straight from the giants of Apple, CNET, Samsung and other large conglomerates that send bulk promotions and newsletter emails to their giant email database.The service providers update their algorithms regularly, but the basics are always at the top. It is the trust that you have with your subscribers.

Send Bulk Emails

Below are the tested ways to get you off the blacklisted mail sender even after sending bulks and bulks of email everyday (only 2 newsletters a week are recommended though).

Trust Factor:

Subscribers of Apple newsletters and promotions know that they will only send them relevant, new and interesting emails, whenever they do.If your email list is not interested in your products and services, they will mark you spam; this will lead to your email Bulk Send Ethereum tokens address being added to blacklist by the providers.You can do so by giving them a voluntary chance to subscribe to your list rather than adding them to your database without their consent. You may have a small list by this method but it will reach the target audience and reach more conversions.

Ask to White-list you:

When you subscribe to the newsletters of CNET, they ask you to add their email ID to your address book or white-list in their welcome email.
This way, even if you ignore their emails, their mail will not be considered as spam no matter what.
This method is useful when you have outsourced or bought an email list from someone and added to your database without their consent.
Offer them to ignore the welcome email if they are not interested; and if interested, they will add you to their address.
This is what most of the marketing companies do by taking hundreds of dollars for this little work. You now know the secret!

Option to Unsubscribe:

It is always better to keep silent than to argue when you are wrong. People may not like your emails and they are free to opt out of your database.
Make sure to give an unsubscribe link which users can click on and ‘truly unsubscribe’. This way, you will get rid of people who are no more interesting your emails and improve the click through rate and conversion rate.
If you do not provide an unsubscribe link, people will get frustrated and add you to spam emails and blacklist you for the rest of their lives. You do not want that to happen.

Catchy subject and body of email:

Ever read newsletters and promotions from Apple? They are clean, clutter free and catchy. Do not use capital letters through out. They look like an email from scammers and thugs. Write shorter and to-the-point subjects.
Do not use images with large sizes because it will load slowly and irritate your subscribers. Do not use any characters another than alphabets and numbers in subject line, a clear way to call them spam or scam emails.Take into consideration the above guidelines while drafting your next email for bulk sending. They are time-tested and important techniques which will help you from getting marked as spam or blacklisted when you send bulk emails and marketing promotions!